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Santa's Village Gone Wild!...

"It's a true gem! A fan must-have.We highly recommend it!" 
- Theme Park Adventure Magazine -

"@SVGONEWILD Found it on Amazon. You made a sale! ... Really Great stuff. Only went once, but the book brought back nice memories. 
Fun read!"
- Pat Sajak -

"Just got "Santa's Village Gone Wild! from @SVGONEWILD ah, memories..." 
- Billy Dec -

"@SVGONEWILD we LOVED Santa's Village when we were kids--especially putting our hands (and tongues) on the frozen "north pole"
- Cindy Crawford -

"I enjoyed it. Thanks for sending it along!"
- Richard Roeper -

"Christopher as an author puts himself out there and exposes things about himself while working at Santa's Village that maybe less confident authors would not be willing to share. The honesty and down to earth written words makes this book a must read, whether you are familiar with Santa's Village or not, readers will find some type of connection with this fabulous book!"
- Michelle Sheppard -
Hot 100 Yahoo! writer

"A really fun read."
- www.behindthethrills.com -

"Loved that book! That Santa house was warm. Sex, Drugs, & Santa! What amusement...Park. And a filthy frozen North Pole!" 
- Mancow Muller -
SANTA'S VILLAGE GONE WILD! is a revealing look at some of the fun, hilarious & outrageous stories that took place during the over forty years Santa's Village in Dundee, IL was open. Summers spent working at Santa's Village was a right of passage for thousands of high school kids growing up in the Chicago suburbs. It was to teach responsibility and life lessons, while bridging the gap from adolescence to adulthood in a safe environment.

We can now lift the curtain and show what REALLY went on…

Christopher Dearman shares some of the behind-the-scenes stories of his two seasons spent working in the hot summer sun, and all the hijinx & debauchery that went along with it. He also collects quotes & memories submitted by numerous employees that will paint an unforgettable overview of some of the coming of age tales that could only have happened if you were one of the lucky ones to have worked at Santa’s summertime home.

With a historical outline spanning the nearly five decades the park was open, you’ll learn some fascinating & eye opening details never revealed before including:
  • Shocking secrets of the frozen North Pole.
  • A candid interview with long time Santa Phillip Wenz.
  • Tales of first love, lust & longing
  • Stories from the notorious after-hour & season end parties.
  • Details of Santa's Village's last day.
    As well as answering questions like:
    • How much hanky panky went on at the park?
    • Was Racing Rapids used for swimsuit optional late night rendezvous?
    • Did a former Games employee steal enough money to buy a new car?
    • Were there contests of who could cause the most “protein” spills?
    • Did the Fire Truck ride really have no brakes???
      Completely unauthorized & uncensored Santa’s Village – Gone Wild! unveils some of the secrets & stories of summers spent sweating in the hot sun working for minimum wage & food tickets that would make just about anyone “go wild”.

      A must read for anyone that ever visited the amusement park, or for those just curious to know what goes on behind-the-scenes of one.

      Author Interview

      The Season Pass Podcast #188 
      Chris Dearman's Santa's Village Gone Wild!

      Merry Christmas!  We have a SPECIAL for you! Author Christopher Dearman joins Doug Barnes, Brent Young & Robert Coker to discuss his new book Santa’s Village Gone Wild! They discuss Chris’ past and inspiration, the book, Santa’s Village, teenage debauchery, and New Kids Posters!  This episode has some mature content, so kids... ... ... Tell Your PARENTS and Enjoy Friends.