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For Immediate Release November 15, 2010


He’s making a list and checking it twice; gonna find out who’s naughty and nice…


New book chronicles behind-the-scene mischief at iconic East Dundee Park!

EAST DUNDEE, IL -----The small village of East Dundee has a very rich history of unique people and places, but none are as colorful as the iconic theme park Santa’s Village! A landmark for 50 years, the park had been a summertime favorite for guests and employees alike. Over 11,000 people have worked at Santa’s summer home and now a few of the ex-elves are telling some tales of tomfoolery that took place.

SANTA'S VILLAGE - GONE WILD! - is a revealing look at some of the fun, hilarious, and outrageous stories that took place over the nearly five decades Santa's Village was open. Summers spent working at Santa's Village was a rite of passage for thousands of high-school kids growing up in the Chicago suburbs. It was to teach responsibility and life lessons, while bridging the gap from adolescence to adulthood in a safe environment. 

Former summer employee Christopher Dearman shares some behind-the-scenes stories of his two seasons spent working in the hot sun. “Santa’s Village was my first job.” Dearman stated. “The experience was rewarding on many levels. Not only did I learn how to work hard, but to play hard as well.” 

Dearman has collected many stories, quotes, and memories that were submitted by numerous former employees. These recollections paint an unforgettable insight in to the coming of age tales that could only happen if you were one of the lucky ones who worked at Santa’s Village. He even interviewed Santa Claus. 

“This is a fun book, about a fun place, and the fun people that worked there.” said longtime Santa and park historian, Phillip L. Wenz. “As with all places that employ teenagers, there were shenanigans that went unnoticed by the management. That just happens.” Wenz provided the “Foreword” to the book, along with the historical content and his personal insights. 

With an historical timeline spanning the decades the park was open, readers now can learn shocking secrets about Santa’s Village. Secrets of the frozen North Pole, the after-hours parties, park hanky panky, as well as answering some questions about the park’s urban legends. Learn the details of Santa’s Village’s sentimental last day, why the oversized mushrooms were a part of the park, and much, much more! 

“The book captures the memories of the people who worked at the park, and puts into perspective what it meant to be part of a Chicagoland summer tradition.” added Dearman. “Santa’s Village holds a special place in my life and the lives of those who got to work there. It’s a magic all its own.”

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Book Release Information

SANTA’S VILLAGE - GONE WILD! was officially release on November 12, 2010. For more information please visit the official website of SANTA’S VILLAGE - GONE WILD! at www.santasvillagegonewild.com

About author Christopher Dearman

Christopher Dearman is an author and freelance writer who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. For more information about Christopher Dearman and his upcoming books, please visit www.christopherdearman.com.

About Phillip L. Wenz

Phillip L. Wenz is one of the most experienced Santas in the world. At the ripe old age of twenty-four, he became the year-round Santa Claus for the iconic Santa’s Village in Dundee, Illinois. Besides Santa’s Village, Wenz has appeared in many nationally televised parades, commercials, and at some of the nation’s largest corporate and civic holiday events. As a published author, Wenz is a recognized historian on Santa’s Village and the Legend of Santa Claus. For more information about Phillip L. Wenz, please visit his website at www.SantafromSantasVillage.com 

About Santa’s Village Dundee

A new chapter in the Santa’s Village story is taking place with the re-opening of the historic property in East Dundee. The Sterling Bay Companies, A Zoo to You, NIHL Inline Hockey League, and Paintball Explosion are busy re-inventing the park to once again provide fun and entertainment for the whole family. For more information about Santa’s Village Dundee, please visit their website at www.SantasVillageDundee.com or phone the park at 847-426-6751 or the Sterling Bay Companies at 312-466-4112.

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